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Breakfast With The Best
October 27, 2016
7:30 am - 10:30 am
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The fiscal damage of workplace discrimination is $64 billion annually according to one report. But that number could be considerably higher—into the trillions of dollars. Read more here.

Elliot Health System appointed Gary Muller as Interim CEO. Learn more about Muller and his  40+ years of experience in health systems here.

Every Monday, BNH brings you who's doing what in NH. Find out what the buzz is all about in this week's The Buzz Online.

Think the North Country is just a winter destination? Think again. ATVs are revving the North Country economy and leading a regional trend to take tourism beyond winter. Read more.

People in the woods have long worn orange to signal they are not a target for hunters. Now hunters are using orange to signify when their firearm chambers are empty. Learn more here.

The concepts of work and the workplace are being redefined due in large part to the growing gig economy. See how apps are largely responsible for this shift here.

Most organizations struggle with office politics, especially small businesses. The good news is, navigating office politics doesn’t have to be complex. Find out how here.

Strong Teams, Growing Companies

Vested for Growth Business Champion: Moonlight Meadery

Nothing less than delight will do. Read the story here.

Employees' Financial Stress Hurting Employers

Six out of 10 employees losing sleep over financial problems.

Leadership NH Announces New Trustees

New trustees span state and industries.

Prepping for Epidemics

Hospitals in NH are always in training for the next outbreak.

Workplace Discrimination: $64 Billion in Lost Revenue

Or is it more like $2 trillion?

SNHU Named a “2016 Great College to Work For”

Only NH school on list since awards began in 2008.

Logistics a Growing Industry in Southern NH

Southern NH a home base to access regional customers.

Elliot Health System Names Interim CEO

Gary Muller brings 40 year of experience to the job.

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